Yoga Mat Meteor 173x61x0,5cm

Yoga Mat Meteor 173x61x0,5cm

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Mat is made from special PVC foam. The nylon mesh contained inside is increasing resistance to tearing and other damage. Mat does not deform under pressure. Thanks to the material and special texture, the mat has a non-slip properties on both sides. Appropriate thickness allows convenient and comfortable exercises, both in kneeling and lying.

Size: 173x61x0.5 cm
For Yoga trainings, fitness clubs,
Exercise at home
For tourist trips.

CARTON: 12pcs

Price per 1 piece

Mat is suitable for manual and mechanical cleaning at 40 degrees.
Do not wring or tumble dry. In order to dry the mat should be spread out flat or rolled up with a towel.
Damp or wet mat can lose its anti-slip properties.

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